The Big Deals

Remember when Facebook was just about posting lyrics, sharing photos and stalking keeping up with people?

I do.

Thanks to those Facebook days I met one of my best friends.

7 years ago I hadn’t really formed any deep connections with anyone in my new military filled life in Abilene. I had met lots of great people, had plenty of fun but still hadn’t made a friend who I could truly be myself with. Aka… my “best” self… the kind of self where you can hang out in basketball shorts and oversized t-shirts while rocking your struggle bun and glasses.

Cue Facebook stalker status…


This new chick began appearing in my newsfeed. It seemed like all our mutual friends were hanging out with her but I still hadn’t met her. After a couple months of Facebook constantly suggesting us to be friends… I checked out Cassie’s profile.  I loved her style and she looked like a nice person. It’s funny to think about. How sometimes you can make a judgement on if a person is nice or not based on a photo or profile.

One day I saw Cassie and her little family walking in my neighborhood! They stopped, our husbands talked and we exchanged pleasantries.  Once they left I turned to my flyboy and insisted on having them over for dinner.

I was so anxious, you would have thought I was getting ready for a first date.

Would she like me? What if I was awkward? What if she didn’t think Flyboy was funny? I didn’t have kids, was that ok? What if I didn’t like her!? I felt like Ross in an episode of Friends.

We decided to make fondue for dinner. YES. all THREE courses of fondue. We pulled out all the stops.

I don’t know what came over me but I obviously wanted to “woo” Cassie with my most favorite dish. The night of “courting” went great. The four of us hit it off.

For the last 7 years Cassie and her family has been OUR family. We were lucky to have moved together and always lived down the street from each other.

I spent countless nights perched on their sofa because my flyboy was deployed or TDY. We got into a habit of throwing a meal together using leftovers. Brought each other soup and treats when someone was sick. Emergency contact? Oh yeah that was her. Babies being born? Yep, literally she was there… in the delivery room capturing the moment for us.

I know I am getting really sappy but they lived with us for 7 weeks before they pushed off to their next assignment. 7 weeks with 5 adults, a 2 month old, a 4 and 7 year old… in one house. Most of you would think it must have been a nightmare. You are wrong! We worked together like a unit.

The house was mostly clean. We had dinner, drinks and desserts nightly with many game nights. Watching them collect their things out of our home was HARD. Watching them drive off was HARDER… I may or may not have ugly cried for a bit of time. (I blame post-partum hormones.)


So here I am. In a very quiet home with my 4 month old darling and Flyboy. Writing a sappy post about a friend who became our family. Like all military friendships we will say “see ya later” and know that we always have a free place to stay wherever they are.





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