No sleep street

I want to start off this post acknowledging there are babies who never get off “no sleep street”. Since the day baby C was born she rocked at sleeping. Somehow every 3 hours she would wake up, feed and slip back into slumber.

One MAGICAL day around 6 weeks she stretched those night sleeps out to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Can I get an A-M-E-N!!

I was a new woman. Flyboy was a new man. We were rested. We were grateful. We had enough energy to contemplate working out. (keyword: contemplate) We even made a 15 hour road trip with our baby to our beach vacation without throwing things off.

Just as I began to take the sleep for granted… BAM! We slid all the way back to the beginning like a bad game of chutes and ladders.

toes week 4

So many reason for my once 8-9 hour sleeper to regress to her newborn ways.

She hit her mental leaps 3 and 4 (check out the wonder weeks to learn more), growth spurt or the very real 4 month sleep regression.

I try to cherish those sweet moments… those sleepy night time feeds where her tiny feet and hands wiggle and reach for me in the dim light. I am like 20% wishing she would just keep sleeping… 80% loving it. Her tiny hands touching my face and resting on my collarbone is a memory that I hope to BURN into my brain.

So, send us good vibes. Don’t expect much from me. Praise the Lord for coffee, wine and color correcting tinted moisturizer.




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