Bloom where you are planted

Our tiny family forms part of the military community.

My flyboy made this decision long before we became us and as we fell in love, I asked myself if I was capable of this lifestyle. I knew time apart and moving formed part of the deal.  9 years later and 2 moves looming in 2019, I can whole heartedly say I can’t wait for the next adventure. I choose to live by the phrase:

“Bloom where you are planted” -Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales

Don’t get me wrong, moving away from my parents and close friends was very hard. Jeff and I dated long distance for 6 months. He asked me to move to Abilene, Texas and my parents were the first ones to encourage me to take the leap. My father and I did the 25 hour drive straight through the night and pulled into this little town in Texas by mid morning.


To say I had a bit of a culture shock coming from the DC Bubble to the “big country” of Texas, would be an understatement. It took a minute, once the shock wore off, I loved living in Texas. We explored small towns and big cities. Thanks to our new Geographical location we drove to Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Oklahoma. We got cowboy boots, learned to love country and truly believe- there is no better steak than in Texas.

You have two choices, to focus on all the things wrong with where you live or to find the new things it provides you.

Abilene, lacked a lot in comparison to our nations capital but it offered so many new experiences.


When we moved to Little Rock, Arkansas. We hit the ground running. My parents drove out to help us unpack and get the house set up. My goal was to set up the whole house, decorate and be DONE with projects by the end of the first month. With their help we accomplished that goal. It helped give us a sense of home right away. We had our best friends by our side (thank you Uncle Sam for sending all three families to the same base again!) and we were ready to explore. Little Rock was very different from Abilene.


Gone were the days of juicy steaks, wicked winds, brown scenery and HELLO to mountains, trees, pork BBQ and brunch.

A few months into our move, my Flyboy and I decided to look up what Arkansas had to offer, I started following Arkansas theme pages on Instagram such as @LittleRockFoodCast and composed our Little Rock bucket list. We also mapped out where we could drive to within 5-6 hours. Because, why not! We attacked our LR bucket list hard and in 4 years have traveled around all of Arkansas. Visited by car Memphis, Nashville, St. Louis, Huntsville and even Chicago. We made some great friends in town and had our little girl at UAMS this spring. Arkansas has been good to us.

As our time here is coming to a close, we know its time to put roots somewhere else. We are not ready to share the location of our move yet (because even the most solid of plans can change) but know it will be a change and a chance to continue our adventures together.


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