oh hi!


My name is Victoria and welcome to the Parlor!

I wear lots of hats. Not literally, but figuratively.

  • I am a wife to my flyboy
  • New mama to my little baby girl
  • Daughter to two loving parents
  • I am American and from Spain
  • I am an orthopedic physical therapist with a drive to optimize movement patterns
  • I have a successful small business selling SeneGence (check it out HERE)
  • Member of the military community
  • Loyal friend to my lovies

I decided to start a blog because I am constantly writing recommendations for travel (especially Spain), I love to do A LOT of research before making purchases, I am choosing to bow out of the PT clinic but want a forum to still be an advocate for good mechanics and let’s be honest. Being a new mom is THE BEST but the conversation is lacking. ha!

What to expect from the Parlor?

  • Travel itineraries
  • Fashion tips (we all have gifts… this is not mine)
  • Fitness tips and my progress (#mombod)
  • Baking recipes (#mombod)
  • Military life musings
  • Mom life from the trenches
  • Physical therapy PSA’s
  • Beauty tips & looks


Can’t wait to get started!




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